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After a stunning performance in International Automobile Competitions such as several wins in the national championship of formula Ford, the European champion of formula Opel and Lotus, the German Champion of F3 and Vice- Champion of International Formula 3000. Pedro Lamy became the second Portuguese pilot to dispute a Grand Prix of Formula 1. For four seasons Pedro Lamy undertook 32 Grand Prix of Formula 1 with Lotus and Minardi achieving a scoring result in G.P. of Australia in 1995.

In 1997, Pedro decided to take a new direction in his career and ran in the FIA GT Championship. Regardless of the private structure of this race he achieved fifth place in Le Mans and became the first Portuguese pilot to have such a qualification in a French competition.

In 1998, at the invitation of the Official Chrysler Team Pedro Lamy and Monegasco Olivier Beretta ran with the first Chrysler Viper GTS-R GT-2. The team Lamy/Beretta reached top qualification and took control of the competition since its beginning. In the 10 races the Lamy/Beretta team achieved 8 victories, 5 pole positions and 7 fastest lap wining the competition with a large advantage. Pedro lamy’s dream of wining the World Title of Speed was conquered.

In 1999, he became part of the Mercedes-Benz team in the 24H of Le Mans. After making the fastest lap a being in fourth position he was force to abandon the race because of accidents afflicted to his teams mates. Then Mercedes choose to cancel of it participations on future races and release for a few month all the pilots. Following this release, David Price invited Pedro to be the first pilot in BMW’s semi-official team for the remaining races of ALMS (American Le Mans Series)

In 2000 and 2001 Pedro Lamy raced in the DTM Championship with the Rosberg team behind a Mercedes Benz CLK. The lack of a competitive car lead Pedro to make void his contract with the German Team. After which he raced in 24H of Nurburgring and won with a Chrysler Viper and in 24H Le Mans achieved fourth place with a Official Chrysler Prototype.

VIn 2002 Pedro raced in V8 Star Championship with Zakspeed Racing team and suffered a number of technical difficulties which prevented him from demonstrating his true capabilities. Even so he managed to obtain a victory and 3 pole positions finishing the competition in 7th place helping his team to win the team competition.
In a most amazing turn of events Pedro Lamy won for the second time the 24H of Nurburgring and was considered by all the most difficult driver behind a Chrysler Viper. To finish off a positive season Pedro ran for the fifth time in the 24H Le Mans with
one of team Oreca’s prototype cars, finishing the race in fifth place.